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2009 yazından...

7-8 June 2009

The evening wind was warm but blowing 18-20 knots as we left Paradise Cove and headed into sunset. Perfect in every way, daylight softly faded as the sun sank into the Aegean. We came about and ran down wind, away from the sun and in to the rising moon. The moon lifted higher as Avara skimmed the waves to sail into the night, back to home port.

Morning... the sun rises again on a new day. We are the first to stir and make our way back on board. The light breeze beckons, as the hills shrouded in the morning mist become clear in the warmth of the rising day. The glistening waters break to the gliding times of dolphins. Dolphins following, leading, crossing fore and aft all along our way. Perfect breeze, perfect company and a perfect day in the Dottie and Elaine Odyssey.

Thank you Captain Erol! Dottie Martin and Elaine Chu, Mablehead, MA

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