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2009 yılından..

17 July 09 Erol Kaptan, For my first time sailing, it was a very good experience. I enjoyed being involved in everything we were asked to, and encouraged to do everything. From taking control of the wheel, to pulling in all the ropes. Erol's teaching was very helpful and very good. I did not get confused at all and the few questions I did ask I got very clear answers to. All the bays we went to were very beautiful and Erol's knowledge of the bays were very good. He knew the best spots and when to go to them. The boat was also was very nice., very cosy and comfortable. Cok tesekkur ederim for this experience., hopefully devam ederim ve insallah bulusuruz yakinda denizlerde. Thank you Kevin KARACA _____________________________________________ Erol'cum, Çocukların yazdıklarına aynen katılıyorum. Herşey çok güzeldi, teşekkürler. Bizi de yelkenciliğe özendirdin. Umarım yakında biz de denize ineriz. Sevgiler, 56

Capt. Erol, For my first visit to Turkey it has been a brilliant trip and one I will remember for years to come. The weather, the sea, and the company were great, well the wind was an exception. The heat and geography came as a surprise but when visiting the glorious bays and coves the surprise became greater and more appreciated. Your knowledge of the bays were second to none and this definitely allowed for some great experiences, for example swimming and in my case diving. The practical lessons I have learnt will definitely help me during my yacht masters next summer. The experiences I know I can build on and improve. Thank you for the wonderful week. Eddie Pountney, England

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