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27.08.2010 Erol, Thank you for being such a good humoured and patient teacher. After 3 days we can't say we're good sailors but it is good to know the basics. And you have showed with us the beautiful coastline and -best of all- trip across to Simi and a wonderful sail back. Some of the highlights I will always remember: a very sleepy Faye on the first morning listening to Diane Krall & Antonio Forcione crossing to & from Simi the beautiful blue water and the bay at Simi stunning a fish with my first practice dives off the back of the boat Now we will understand a little better what is happening when a boat moors at a jetty and also what it feels like to catch the wind and to feel the thrill of a good sail. Erol- you have looked after us very well and judged what we can/will do. So it has been a memorable and very enjoyable three days. Ann


Erol, Thank you for a lovely 3 days. We have loved visiting all the different bays, especially Simi where we could swim and sunbath, and of course sleep some more !! Sorry we weren't the most lively of crews, we are ladies of leisure ha ha!!! You area very good teacher and your English is amazing! Thanks again, Lazy girl (Faye) Sleepy girl (Fran)

Yelken Eğitimi Mavi Tur

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